Does Geek Squad cover accidental damage TV? (2023)

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Does Geek Squad cover accidental damage TV?

If there's a failure from normal wear and tear, we'll repair it. This could be a problem with an internal part or how the product was manufactured. It could also be caused by dust, internal heat or humidity. Accidental damage is not included.

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Who covers accidental damage to TVs?

Homeowners insurance covers personal property loss — including broken or stolen TVs — when it's caused by a covered peril, including fire, lightning, and vandalism.

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Does Total Tech cover accidental damage on TV screen?

Items like computers and phones will get accidental damage coverage which would include things like drops and spills. Other items like TVs would be non-accidental damage coverage and would cover hardware repairs like backlight failure.

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Will Best Buy replace damaged TV?

Damaged, defective or incorrect items

If you receive a product that is damaged in shipping, defective, or that is not the product you ordered, please return it during your return and exchange time period to Best Buy and we'll arrange for a replacement.

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Does a TV warranty cover accidental damage?

Pros of TV Warranties

Accidental damage, whether caused by a spill or a pet knocking it over, can be costly to repair. You're protected against accidental damage with a TV warranty, which means you won't have to pay for costly repairs out of pocket.

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What accidental damage does not cover?

Generally, accidental damage cover doesn't include damage caused by: wear and tear. the gradual deterioration of something with age. wilful or deliberate acts.

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What is covered under accidental damage?

Accidental damage can cover the cost of repair to damage that was sudden and not done on purpose. There needs to be a one off, single event that caused the damage to your home or belongings.

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Does Best Buy Total Tech cover broken TV?

If you're a Best Buy Totaltech™ member or have Geek Squad Protection2 on a TV 42" or larger, we can come to your home to repair it. Call 1-800-433-5778 to schedule an appointment.

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Does Best Buy cover physical damage?

If you accidentally damage your product while handling it, we'll take care of it. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're covered if the unexpected happens.

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What does Geek Squad Total Tech Support cover?

The heart of Total Tech Support gives you unlimited support for all your tech and appliances, no matter where you purchased them. Get help in store, over the phone and 24/7 online. We're here to answer your questions and help you use your devices.

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What does Best Buy do with damaged TVs?

Haul-away options.

We will haul away a TV from your home for $39.99 when a replacement product is delivered by Geek Squad® or Best Buy Home Delivery. Then we will make sure it is properly and safely recycled.

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How to return damaged TV to Best Buy?

Damaged, defective or incorrect items.

If you receive a product that is defective or that is not the product you ordered, please return it to a Best Buy store and we'll arrange for a replacement. If you would rather return the item by mail, please call us for special instructions at 1-800-373-3050.

Does Geek Squad cover accidental damage TV? (2023)
How much does Best Buy Geek Squad charge?

How do I receive support? 1-800 GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778). Tech Support members can also get up to 90 minutes of in-home support for a $49.99 fee per visit.

Does Geek Squad cover physical damage?

Only Geek Squad Protection+ and Geek Squad Protection with Physical Damage Plans have coverage for incidents of physical damage. Service Requests due to mechanical malfunctional do not require payment of a Service Fee.

What is an example of accidental damage for a TV?

Accidental damage refers to a device failing to function correctly or safely as the result of an incident that has happened by accident. For example, it is dropped, something is dropped on it or liquid spilled onto it.

Is accidental damage cover worth it?

Is accidental damage cover worth it? It often is, but it depends on your attitude towards risk. If you have accidental damage insurance in place, you have peace of mind that you're covered for more eventualities. You might find that adding it as an extra to your policy isn't overly expensive.

Can you claim a TV on your house insurance?

Most home insurance policies will pay out for damage to home entertainment equipment like televisions or stereos. However, other accidents like marker pen on the walls or fruit juice spillages might require extended accidental damage cover if you want to claim.

What is Best Buy's policy on TV?

The Best Buy TV Promise.

TVs eligible for the Best Buy TV Promise must be 60" class or larger. Exchanges: If you need to exchange your TV for a model that fits: You can either box up your TV and bring it back to a Best Buy store for exchange, or we'll deliver the right size directly to you.

What is the difference between Geek Squad and Total Tech?

You can have both, but the difference is that Geek Squad protection is for a single item, whereas Totaltech supports a wide variety of tech needs. If you sign up for Totaltech, free Geek Squad support is included.

Does Best Buy have warranty on TV?

With Best Buy Totaltech™, you'll get up to 24 months of Best Buy Protection for most new TV, video and audio products you purchase at Best Buy while your membership is active.

Why physical damage is not covered under warranty?

Physical damage is not covered under warranty.

Liquid spills, cracks and scratches to the screen, bezel and accessories. If your notebook has physical damage we will be happy to repair or fix it but the repair will be handled as out of warranty repair and you will be charged for parts and labour.

Does physical damage come under warranty?

Physical Damage

Sad as it might be, your free warranty doesn't cover physical damages. You would either have to buy additional insurance or cover the cost of repairs. However, using screen protectors and protective cases on your phones and tablets can minimize the risk of physical device damage from unexpected falls.

What is accidental physical damage insurance?

Typically, it only includes your collision insurance and comprehensive insurance policies. This means physical damage insurance can give you coverage for damages caused by fire and theft. So, if someone breaks into your car, it'll help pay for the repairs. Physical damage insurance also covers loss from: Vandalism.

Does Best Buy warranty cover broken TV screen?

If there's a failure from normal wear and tear, we'll repair it. This could be a problem with an internal part or how the product was manufactured. It could also be caused by dust, internal heat or humidity. Accidental damage is not included.

What does Best Buy Total Tech provide?

Best Buy Totaltech™ is the membership you and your tech deserve: around-the-clock tech support, up to 24 months of product protection with active membership,¹ free delivery and standard installation,² plus so much more. It's the plan you need to protect the tech you love.

Does Total Tech cover TV?

A Totaltech membership costs $199.99/year and includes Geek Squad tech support on all of your tech devices (even if you didn't buy them at Best Buy), free delivery and standard installation for new items like TVs and dishwashers, and up to 24 months of product protection on select products.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked TV screen?

While the average TV repair cost can range between $60 and $350, screen repairs are typically more expensive. According to Angi, TV screen repair costs run from $200 to $1,000. The wide span in pricing has to do with local labor costs, replacement parts, diagnostic and transportation fees, and the type of TV.

Can a cracked TV screen be repaired?

If it's a hairline or spiderweb crack-one that doesn't go all the way through the screen- you may be able to repair it yourself using a couple of DIY methods or by purchasing a kit online. If the damage is significant, it's likely you'll have to replace the screen entirely.

Does Best Buy factory reset returned TVs?

We'll reset your devices

We'll perform a factory reset on up to 10 devices of your choosing, even if you didn't purchase them at Best Buy. This can include smart TVs, smart home devices, monitoring systems, automation systems and many others.

Can I return a TV to Best Buy if I opened it?

Best Buy allows open-box returns as long as the item being returned is in like-new condition. They allow you to return refurbished and pre-owned items, too, if they're in like-new condition. But if it's damaged, unsanitary, dented, scratched, or missing major contents, you'll probably be denied the return.

How to use warranty at Best Buy?

How to obtain warranty service? If you purchased the Product at a Best Buy retail store location, please take your original receipt and the Product to any Best Buy store. Make sure that you place the Product in its original packaging or packaging that provides the same amount of protection as the original packaging.

Are you supposed to tip Best Buy Geek Squad?

A: No, you don't have to.

Can you trust Best Buy Geek Squad?

The geek squad members are always very professional, listen intently and ask questions until they thoroughly understand my situation. I have never left the store without the job being completely done to my satisfaction. I would never consider purchasing a PC without buying a service contract with them.

Who is better than Geek Squad?

Geek Squad competitors include iCracked, Nerds On Call and Techvedic.

Does Geek Squad charge a deductible?

2. A Deductible will apply to all Loss and Theft insurance claims and the amount shall be based on the non-discounted Best Buy retail price of the covered device at the time of purchase. Loss and Theft insurance can also be purchased separately — not part of Geek Squad Complete Protection. 3.

Does Geek Squad replace broken items?

Yes, we will either repair, replace or reimburse you in an amount up to the regular retail price of your product at the time of purchase.

Does Geek Squad cover parts?

100% of parts and labor costs are covered. No hidden fees. If your original battery fails, we'll replace it. Free internet security software for the length of your plan.

What is considered physical damage to a TV?

Finger pressure when trying to move or turn the television. Spraying liquid cleaner on the screen, which can enter between the screen layers. Slight flexing or bending of the panel when trying to move it. Burning, warping, or melting due to an external heat source.

What do I do with a damaged TV?

There are a few different ways how to get rid of a broken TV. You can take it to specialized recyclers or you can contact a local waste management company to see if they offer TV recycling services. You can also check with your local electronics store to see if they offer a recycling program.

Can a TV be repaired after screen damage?

A cracked TV screen can be repaired or replaced by trained professionals. Due to a cracked screen being the most 'intense' type of damage, this would need to be assessed by a technician and conducted accordingly. TV screens can be easily damaged and, due to their design, are somewhat fragile and delicate.

What does Best Buy Totaltech include?

Benefits of a Best Buy Totaltech™ membership.

VIP access to dedicated phone and chat teams. Access to exclusive member prices. Access to hard-to-find products during exclusive events. Everyday savings on repairs, advanced services and more.

What to do if your TV screen is damaged?

You'll have to visit an authorized repair center for replacement screen purchase, entire board replacement, backlight repair, and not infrequently, the need to replace the entire TV unit if the cost of the flat-screen tv repair would be more than the original cost of the TV.

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