What is the purpose of climate controlled storage units? [Solved] (2022)

What is the purpose of climate controlled storage units?

The purpose of climate controlled storage is to ensure your stored items are protected against damaging heat, cold, and humidity. PRO TIP: Renting a climate controlled storage unit usually costs about 20-50% more than a non-climate controlled storage unit.... read more ›

Why is it important to have climate controlled storage?

The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Having the constant temperature in the storage unit will help protect the stored items from damage. High temperature and humidity levels can warp, crack or split wood or leather furniture.... continue reading ›

What is a climate control unit?

Climate controlled storage units take the edge off of outside temperatures thanks to an air system that triggers when temperatures get unpleasant—roughly 50 degrees to 80 degrees. Public Storage first offered indoor climate control units two decades ago to cater to customer demand.... see more ›

Can I store clothes in a non climate controlled storage?

You can store clothing in a unit without climate control as long as it's inside a sealed container. Pick up some plastic bins or wardrobe boxes and throw in some cedar balls for good measure.... continue reading ›

How hot do outdoor storage units get in the summer?

Generally, the temperature will remain between 55- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit, but this can change. Humidity and temperature are key factors to consider when making a storage unit safe for your belongings. They influence each other in destructive ways.... see more ›

Can books be stored in a storage unit?

One of the best ways to preserve the quality of your books is to store them in a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a steady range of temperature that is ideal for storing more sensitive items.... read more ›

Does wood furniture get ruined in storage?

We'll start with an obvious one: leaving antique wooden furniture exposed to the elements can wreak havoc on its structure. The humidity and temperature fluctuations could warp and degrade even the most well-constructed pieces of antique furniture.... view details ›

What should not be in non climate controlled storage?

Paper: Art, photos, and important documents are not going to fare well in humidity. Electronics: Rusted connections and melting plastic await you if these things are kept in a hot storage unit. Instruments: They're sensitive, and they're definitely not made to withstand extreme temperatures or humidity.... see details ›

What household items should be climate controlled?

10 Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage
  • 1) WOODEN FURNITURE. When exposed to too much moisture over time, wood can crack, warp, or rot. ...
  • 6) ARTWORK. ...
  • 7) CLOTHING. ...

What is the difference between climate control and air conditioning in a storage unit?

Climate control regulates temperature and humidity

While a standard storage unit gives you a place to keep your stuff, climate-controlled units offer extra protection. These specialized units use heated storage, air conditioning, and humidity control to make sure your belongings never get too hot, cold, or wet.... see more ›

Do TVs need climate controlled storage?

TVs and other electronics need climate control because extreme heat and cold can severely damage electrical components. Even if you live in a mild climate, climate control can help you safely store electronics.... continue reading ›

What is a climate controlled warehouse?

What is Climate Controlled Warehousing? A climate-controlled warehouse is one that can maintain a specific air temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled warehousing is great for any products that are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures and certain levels of humidity.... read more ›

Do clothes get moldy in storage?

Clean and dry items before storing.

Clothing and upholstery that get put in storage while damp can attract mold, and metals and woodwork can rust or rot. Moisture can easily migrate to other items, so set your cleanliness standards high while packing.... view details ›

What should you not store in a storage unit?

10 Things You Shouldn't Put in a Storage Unit
  • Perishables. Food and perishable items have a shelf life and shouldn't be put in a storage unit. ...
  • Strong Smells. ...
  • Cash or Currency. ...
  • Nonoperational Vehicles. ...
  • Radioactive Equipment. ...
  • Hazardous Materials. ...
  • Ammunition & Firearms. ...
  • Electronics.
Jan 11, 2018

Will my stuff get ruined in storage?

As a general rule, if you can't afford to lose it, you probably shouldn't be putting it in your storage unit. A majority of the time your belongings will be just fine and there's nothing to worry about, but self storage always come with a risk – albeit a small one – that items will get damaged or lost.... see more ›

Will pictures get ruined in storage?

The only storage unit facility that is safe to store photos in is one that's climate-controlled. If not, you risk exposing your picture to humidity and heat, which can ruin photos faster than one would think.... see details ›

Do photos melt in storage?

Items such as photos and electronics are susceptible to temperature changes and require temperature-controlled storage. If you're looking to store your items in either heated storage or cooled storage, Stor'em has the right units in Sandy, UT, to keep your stuff protected.... read more ›

Is it OK to store photos in a storage unit?

Remember: 75 degrees or cooler and low humidity are the best conditions for photo storage. DON'T: Place old photos on the ground in a storage unit, even if they are packaged up in boxes or containers. Consider using a wire rack or pallet to keep boxes off the ground in case of flooding.... view details ›

How do you store electronics in storage units?

How to Properly Store Devices in a Storage Unit
  1. Find the Original Box. ...
  2. Read the Instructions. ...
  3. Keep Track of All the Pieces. ...
  4. Don't Skimp on Packing Supplies. ...
  5. Put Labels on Everything That's Not in Its Original Box. ...
  6. Put Boxes With Electronics in the Back of Your Unit and on the Floor. ...
  7. Back-Up Your Data.
Feb 20, 2020

What temperature should furniture be stored at?

How do you store furniture long-term? You need to control the temperature and the moist. The temperature shall be between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should keep moist around 40%. You also need to wrap the furniture to protect it from dust and dirt.... view details ›

What is a good humidity level for storage?

The ideal environment for storage units is a humidity level of 50% and temperature range between 50 and 75 degrees F.... read more ›

How do you store things in humidity?

Here are our four best tips for safely storing your belongings in a storage unit in a humid climate.
  1. Get a Unit with Climate Control. Instead of a standard, drive-up storage unit, get a unit with climate control. ...
  2. Put Most of Your Things in Plastic Bins. ...
  3. Use Silica Gel Desiccants. ...
  4. Check Back Periodically.
Sep 16, 2019
... view details ›

Should you put a tarp down in a storage unit?

The floors in our storage units are concrete; therefore they can get some condensation especially during extreme changes in the temperature and humidity. We recommend putting something on the floor such as plastic, a tarp, or wood pallets. Even plastic spray can lids can be used for lighter boxed items.... continue reading ›

Do storage units get dusty?

No matter what you do, you are going to have dust in areas of your home. And while you may not think about it, self storage units are going to have dust collect in the unit as well. For those who do not prepare properly this could mean having to deal with dusty furniture and belongings.... see details ›

How do you wrap a couch for storage?

Completely Cover Your Couch: While many people use shrink wrap to prepare a couch for self storage, if stored for more than six months, plastic wrap may promote a build up of moisture. Instead, consider wrapping your couch in soft blankets secured with bungee cords or packing strips.... read more ›

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